“Engineers Need Finishing Schools To Become Industry-Ready!”


 Most of the students passing out do not get adequate opportunities to get the requisite on-the-job training/industry exposure while they are studying. This limits their technical know-how and competency to theory only, said Raghu Panicker, sales director- India, Mentor Graphics. If you are planning to make a career as an engineer, your studies will not end in the college! You have to go a stage beyond that and resort to finishing schools to become fully employable for the industry. Finishing schools have become a necessity for the engineering students in India. While colleges provide technical education, finishing schools add to it and teach students what is not taught in their books… the practical knowledge. EFYTimes.com spoke to Raghu Panicker, sales director- India, Mentor Graphics about the importance of finishing schools in making engineers employable. Excerpts:

Do engineering students need finishing schools for getting industry-ready?

In the industry we see a huge demand for technically competent engineering graduates and this demand has been growing year on year. However, the employability factor of the students passing out from various colleges and universities is very low. Most of the students passing out do not get adequate opportunities to get the requisite on-the-job training/industry exposure while they are studying. This limits their technical know-how and competency to theory only. A logical extension to this would be to have finishing schools that would help students to get the required Industry know-how & competency to be productive from day-one. These finishing schools should ensure they take the right students and give them proper guidance in partnership with leading technology leaders like Mentor Graphics.

What is wrong with the course taught in the colleges that the students do not become get ready for the industry after they pass out? Is there a need for the colleges to improve?

The main challenge today is not making the engineering graduates employable but also to ensure that there are more number of competent Industry ready engineers for better productivity & innovation. We have seen that Fresh engineering graduates who get hired by leading companies have to go through an Induction on Product engineering oriented or Process engineering oriented or focussed in-house training program. These programs are usually driven & guided by internal engineers, Managers & Product/process specialists and the same runs for over 4 to 6 months. These programs involve lot of efforts, time & costs for any corporate. Colleges can help the Industry by providing a well-planned framework that would encompass what the corporates need and accordingly train the engineers to be Industry ready. They could also partner with leading companies to frame finishing school concept to give the right mix and exposure that’s necessary and prepare them for challenges in the VLSI & Semiconductor Industry. The finishing school concept has always been used in the short run but I think it would be good if we really focus hard and having a finishing school with a long term vision.

What exactly is lacking in the students after they pass out from the colleges?

During the past students had very little exposure to Industry needs but now we have seen that students aswell as colleges try to give basic training to ensure good placements for the students. The students should overcome their lack in understanding the real-time exposure that’s required to be Industry ready and also should focus on basic communication skills to be successful. In the global scenario an engineering graduate can be successful only if he/she is able to communicate & present their respective technical capabilities as desired in their employment.


Texvyn Technologies, Thane introducing Texvyn Finishing School for Engineers.

Below highlights about the course –

  • Professional & Personal Excellence Program
  • Step Up To Professional Excellence with Industry know-how
  • Certificate Program in Engineering Leadership & Executive Excellence
  • Better English for Professional Success [Add-on]

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Eligibility: DE | BE | B-Tech | ME | M-Tech

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