Texvyn’s Engineering Leadership Program

Want to shape your future with growing Process Plant Industry? We have a right opportunity for you. In Texvyn’s Engineering Leadership Program (ELP), you will be molded & trained to be a complete professional engineer by a team of high profile industry leaders and executives. ELP candidates will get an opportunity to work on live industrial case study, which will help them to get familiar with actual industry problems & prepare them to tackle such issues. Get yourself JOB READY with our exclusive Engineering Leadership Program.


What is Texvyn’s Engineering Leadership Program?

The Engineering Leadership Program offers its students the opportunity to discover what leadership in the engineering environment embodies & what today dynamic job market demands. The Program challenges and extends students, within a supportive learning environment, providing a platform for them to acquire technical & leadership skills which will serve them well beyond the transition from student to professional.

Engineering Leadership Program Modules?

  1. Technical Modules on Process Plant Engineering [Selective Programs depending on Qualification]
  • Process Engineering & Advanced Process Simulation Program.
  • SIEMENS COMOS – Plant Life Cycle Management Tool [Exclusive Training Program]
  • Mechanical Design of Process Plant Equipment.
  • Piping Design & Stress Analysis Program.
  • Instrumentation Engineering for Process Plant.
  • Electrical Engineering for Process Plant.
  • Civil & Structural Design for Process Plant.
  • 2D/3D Drafting & Modelling Program [Engineering Diploma/ITI Students Preferred].
  • Smart Drafting & Analysis Tool training. [Add-on Program].
2. Soft Skills & Leadership Modules.
  • What is Leadership?
  • Communication Skills.
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving.
  • Interpersonal & Organization Skills
  • Dealing with Work Place Politics.
  • Innovation & entrepreneurship.
  • You & Global Community.
  • Change Management.
  • Facing Job Interview.
  • Importance of creative & strategic thinking.
3. Live Industrial Project Module.
  • Introduction to General Work Flow in EPC Industry.
  • Multi Discipline Engineering Culture.
  • Archived Industrial Case Study.
  • Project Management & Resource Planning.
  • Cost & Time Control.
  • Vendor Management.
  • Industry Visit [Depends on Availability].
  • Real time interaction with global
4. Professional & Job Networking Module.
  • Using LinkedIn & Other Professional Networking Sites.
  • Expert Talk.
  • Job Hunting & Recruitment Portal.
  • Generating Job references.
  • Making your skills sell-able.
Benefits of Texvyn’s ELP
  1. Exclusive training program giving exposure to live industrial environment.
  2. Hands on experience on latest cutting edge engineering tools.
  3. Live interaction with industrial professionals & technology experts.
  4. Soft Skill training from renowned HR Officer.
  5. High profile training program, enhance your skills equivalent to 1 – 3 Yrs experienced professional.
  6. Exclusive training on Siemens Plant Life Cycle Management Program.
  7. Free access for 3 years to Texvyn’s “Lets Connect – Job Networking”
  8. Texvyn’s Dedicated Placement team which works round the clock to ensure that students are gainfully employed.

Our courses are designed keeping in mind the rapid growth of industries and the rising demand for skilled professionals. Texvyn is able to provide its students with a distinct professional advantage for getting a headstart in their desired field.

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